Saturday, 25 June 2011

favourites from bubble

Whilst at Bubble London I found lots of goodies... 
let me know what you think.

@ Bubble London

Little Linens
their boys collection is so gorgeous, wearable and i liked the price tag, a happy combination!

finally found some fun yet versatile ties from- Unruly Blue

Old Soles


which sandals do you prefer?
still need to find some boys good sandals, any suggestions of brands that you love?

Rosy Cheek
I love the snuggies.

Beau Loves

Olive's Friend Pop

Mummymoon Girls

Mummymoon Boys

Bonnet A Pom Bon

Little Duckling




Mini A Ture

no added sugar
( i know we already stock them, so its not a new find but how exciting is their spring/summer 2012 collection?)

Pale Cloud
(has been a personal favourite for the past two seasons- too gorgeous)

(confession: the more I look at it the more I love it... your thoughts?)

A big thank you to Bubble for yet another brilliant show... possibly another Bubble discovery post coming!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

all things green

There is one colour that keeps catching my attention this week... green!!
A homage to all things green- even twisters (another favourite)

1. jean bourget, costume- 5-8 years
2. no added sugar, croc dress- 3-18 months
3. jean bourget, hooded sweatshirt- 18 months- 4 years
4. powell craft, fern flower dress- 2-6 years
5. jean bourget, green bermudas- 18 months- 4 years
6. no added sugar, wow playsuit- 3-18 months
7. jean bourget, khaki shorts & printed top- 5-12 years
8. jean bourget, khaki leggings & printed dress- 5-12 years

For any additional information, please call us in store; 01284 750205

Friday, 17 June 2011

handmade with love, by jean

My Nan is known as few different names amongst the grandchildren: 

'super sewer' 

'the fairy' 
(as dressing up clothes would magically appear overnight)

'quick knit'

well she has now extended her amazing knitting and sewing skills to you all; in the form of christening gowns and suits, comforters and blankets. She also contributes tiny clothes to the premature baby wing and blankets to the less fortunate. She truly is an amazing woman with a heart bigger than her skills- presenting the 'Handmade With Love, By, Jean' Collection, available at Millie Childrenswear- call for more info & prices 01284 750205

'Handmade With Love By Jean'

Other styles and colours available.
call: 01284 750205

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

the same but different: boys

Many who shop in my boutique love to have their children dressed in the 'same but different.' If your lucky enough to have been blessed with 2 (or more) boys, I have a little treat for you. Feast your eyes on some, 'same but different' boys outfits that we have in store.

jean bourget

jean bourget



There are so many other outfits, these are just of my favourites at the moment, as they are great for holiday and also for our unpredictable summer weather. I have actually featured another 'same but different ' boys outfit on this blog, check it out by CLICKING HERE

Monday, 13 June 2011

it's a boy girl thing

Continuing the 'same but different' theme; here are some of my favourite ways to match your boy(s) & girl(s).

jean bourget, lime green, khaki & white

no added sugar, red & pink, red & white stripes with grey

 annafie, sailboat smocking in navy, white & blue

For any sizing or information please call, 01284 750205

Thursday, 9 June 2011

orange girls, the same but different

For those who have multiple children, it's always nice to dress them 'the same but different.' Well heres one for the girls. Orange, purple and white are very fresh colours for summer. Tops can be teamed with trousers or leggings, whilst the dresses look great alone or with leggings. Jean Bourget offer plain leggings for the older girls and frills on for the younger. Always accessorise with a bow or hat. 

Jean Bourget; white dress with orange leggings

Jean Bourget; Orange printed tops with leggings & cardigan or the dress to match the top instead

Jean Bourget; Orange printed top with white trousers, the younger girl has cute frills on the bottom

And you get the drift, orange and purple, the same but different. Mix-n-match your way, your style. 

To see the clothes in more detail my facebook page has all the pictures-

Or call me instore on,  01284 750205

Friday, 3 June 2011

give me a GARRRR- go on, get your pirate on!

In store at the moment we have a pirate window in- and I, love it!!
If, like me, your a pirate fan, below are all things pirate-y.

Millie Childrenswear boutique, Bury St. Edmunds

no added sugar, long sleeve sailor tee

powell craft, anchor mouse

mitty james, red & white stripe towelling

TNY, white & navy leather boat shoes

TNY, white & navy leather pram boat shoes

mitty james, red & white stripe swim trunks

powell craft, pirate rag doll

no added sugar, red & pink stripe bustle dress

lili gaufrette, navy & white stripe jacket & shorts

no added sugar, red & white stripe tee

Call Millie on 01284 750205 for any prices or purchases, as our online store is not yet operating.