Monday, 15 August 2011

Family Portraits

Family portraits adorn all of our walls- looking up and admiring 'the times when...' is a favourite past time of mine, as is lovingly browsing through old photo albums, tenderly stroking each torn and slightly faded image, reminiscing about 'the good old days.'

How quickly time slides past us, capturing those precious growing moments are essential.
Here are some of my favourite inspirational family portraits.  

very cute alternative portrait. 

kate moss and her daughter lyla grace are the epitome of natural here. tousled blonde hair, intertwined arms, you can see the love pouring out of their bodies. again its just beautiful. naked black and white pictures are always a winner- helps if your a super model too!

Oh la la! very cute- french translation:  after 8 years of marriage.... 4 times more love

An old friend of mine took these pictures, and when i looked at them i actually cried! now if that isn't doing its job as a family portrait then i don't know what is! Firstly i thought how brave of this woman to have a professional photographer taking pictures after giving birth, but then i thought how wonderful. These are the first shots of them becoming a physical family- precious and breathtaking!

jennifer garner and her little girl know how to take a picture- this is worth re-creating.

Another friend of mine is the perfect example of capturing every precious, passing moment! I constantly feel inspired by her gorgeous family, and her snapping finger!

this one i love as so often children are the focus of a family portrait- but in this one the photographer has captured the love between man and wife rather than parent and child- beautiful!

(fair enough this isn't their family.) The Jolie's & Pitt's are blessed with unforgivable good looks, mixed in with a bit of nostalgia creates this dreamy look- another recreation hopeful.

another simply gorgeous alternative family portrait.

I hope you feel inspired!

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