Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nursery- 'my little soldier'

One of the most exciting thing's about being pregnant is researching and buying for the nursery. 
I Love it! 
Cribs, curtains, pictures, quilts, the statement feeding chair... for me it's all in the accessories and those little details that makes me happy every time I walk in. 

As boys can be harder than girls I have done a 'my little soldier' theme as its cute and un deniably boy-ey but with a sophisticated 'mum' edge. 

I hope you like it. 

'my little soldier' nursery

1. tank top teddy- £22
2. gingham rabbit rattle- £7
3. union jack bunting- £15
4. guards cot quilt- £47
5. rag doll soldier- £14
6. soldier towel- £15
7. union jack playsuit- £14
8. soldier toy/ laundry bag- £11
9. padded soldier hanger- £3

call 01284 750205 for purchases.

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